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4099 CORE Touring kit, Rock, 10pcs with Peli Case

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d:vote CORE 4099 Rock Touring Kit, 10 Mics and accessories, Extreme SP

The d:vote Rock Touring Kit ships in a sturdy Peli case with a selection of d:vote 4099 instrument microphones including adapters, heavy-duty cables and clips for the touring sound engineer. Kit includes 10 microphones, adapters and cables, and 25 clips.

Kit contents

  • 10 x d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones, Hi-SPL
  • 10 x MicroDot to XLR adapters
  • 10 x Miniature Microphone cables, heavy duty
  • 7 x Clips for drums
  • 5 x Clips for sax / trumpet
  • 4 x Universal clip
  • 2 x Clips for guitar
  • 2 x Clips for violin
  • 2 x Clips for piano
  • 1 x Clip for bass
  • 1 x Clip for cello
  • 1 x Peli Case

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