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Dual channel tube driven PWM compressor

The VT-7 has a highly transparent sound, although it can be used more aggressively when needed. Artifacts of the compression process are substantially lower than in most other compressors.

The two channels may be used independently or linked for stereo. In addition, a third position on the Link switch inserts a high-pass filter (HPF) in the side-chain to reduce the gain-reduction sensitivity of the VT-7 to low frequencies. This is a gentle roll-off, nominally at 100Hz. This allows a bass-heavy mix to have a better frequency balance and prevents heavy low-frequency audio from modulating the audio level. (NOTE: The photo of the VT-7 shows an older unit without the Link HPF position.)

Like all our products, the VT-7 is designed to process high-quality audio and make it sound even better.

The VT-7 is equally adept in tracking as well as a bus compressor. Even jazz and classical tracks can be sent through the VT-7 for some mild gain control without obvious effect other than a significant improvement in the overall sound of the mix.



∙ Threshold ∙ Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz ±0.5dB
∙ Gain ∙ -3dB @ 5Hz and 65kHz
∙ Attack ∙ THD: less than 0.07%
∙ Release ∙ Signal to Noise Radio: better than 80dB
∙ Harder / Softer  
∙ Seperate / Link / Link HPF  

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


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