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Studio interfaces include attenuators and signal boosters, giving you control over your signal levels when recording or mixing.

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Radial Space Heater
R800 7050 00

8-Channel Summing Mixer & Tube Drive

The Space Heater is a high performance summing mixer that allows you to blend tracks out-of-the-box in the analog domain, with oversized output transformers and vacuum tubes for vintage warmth and character. Eight mono input channels or four stereo pairs are available, with a heat switch on each pair to adjust the voltage on the 12AX7 tube - lower voltage settings starve the tube for a more pronounced distortion effect. Separate Drive and Level controls on each channel give you complete control over each tube circuit, providing a range of tones that allow you to fatten up digital stems or provide a distorted effect on vocals, guitars or drums.


Audio circuit type Class-A tube gain stage with IC buffers
Number of channels 8 channels
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (0dB/-3dB)
Dynamic range 96dB
Gain +33dB @ 140V; +29db @ 70V; +27dB @ 35V
Clip level +26dBu
Input impedance Bypassed: 50k Ohms in parallel with your load device; Active: 100k Ohms
Output impedance:  
- Balanced output 180 Ohms
- Mix bus 100 Ohms
Common mode rejection ratio -70dBu @ 55Hz
Equivalent input noise 103dBu
Noise @ Max Gain: -64dBu @ 140V, -66dBu @ 70V, -70dBu @ 35V
Maximum input +22dBu
Power External switching type 100V – 240V AC, 1600mA output with 5 pin XLR

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Radial SAT-2
R800 1035 00

Stereo Audio Attenuator & Monitor Controller

When using the SAT-2 as a monitor controller, simply connect it in between your playback device and a pair of powered speakers for an easy-access master volume control. Mute and mono switches allow you to silence the outputs or check mixes for mono phase compatibility, while a handy dim switch with adjustable level control allows you to temporarily lower the output volume without losing the main volume setting.

The SAT-2 can also be used to attenuate signals before sending them to your audio interface, so you can drive your mic preamps hard for coloration without clipping the inputs of the digital audio converter. A high quality 4-pole rotary knob ensures consistent L-R tracking over the entire range of the trim pot, fully maintaining the left-right balance of stereo sources.


Audio circuit type Passive audio signal path
Number of channels 2 channels
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic range >141dB
Gain 0dB
Total harmonic dirstortion >0.0005% @ 0dBu
Intermodulation dirstortion >0.001% @ 0dBu
Phase deviation 0° @ 20Hz; 0° @ 1kHz; +2° @ 10kHz
Input impedance 8k Ohms
Output impedance 1.8k Ohms
Common mode rejection ratio >80dB
Noise -115dBu
Maximum input >+26dBu
Power Passive, no power required

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Radial McBoost
R800 8016 00

Microphone Signal Intensifier

The Radial McBoost provides clean gain at the source for low-output dynamic and ribbon microphones, driving long cable runs with ease and allowing you to connect to any preamp as if it were a high-gain ribbon mic pre. Simply connect the McBoost in-line using standard XLR cables and activate 48V phantom to provide power, then select between three impedance settings to optimize the response from the microphone. The McBoost will elevate the output to produce added clarity, excitement and extra drive for long cables whether you are in a recording studio, on a live concert stage, or in a broadcast center.


Audio circuit type Class-A Differential DC Coupled FET
Frequency response 7Hz - 30kHz
Dynamic range 116dB
Gain +26dB Full Gain, +20dB Half Gain, +4dB to +25dB Variable Gain
Clip level +16dBu (output)
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.006%
Intermodulation dirstortion 0.01%
Phase deviation <10°
Input impedance 600 / 2.7k / 30k Ohms
Output impedance 220 Ohms
Common mode rejection ratio >50dB
Equivalent input noise -125dBu
Noise -100dBu / -110dBu
Power Phantom Power - 48V

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


Radial MC3
R800 1410 00

Passive Studio Monitor Controller

The MC3 handles all of your studio monitor switching needs in a small footprint that easily fits on any desktop. Connect two sets of powered speaker and a subwoofer and easily select any combination, with a large master volume control for setting levels. A Dim switch lets you temporarily lower the speaker level without altering your main volume setting, and a Mono switch provides an easy way to check for phase compatibility. The MC3 features a passive audio circuit for clean and transparent audio, along with an active headphone amp to drive multiple sets of headphones and monitor silently when necessary.


Audio circuit type Passive stereo signal path with active sub & HP
Frequency response DC - 20kHz (+0dB/-1dB)
Dynamic range 114dB
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.001% @ 1kHz / 0dBu output
Intermodulation dirstortion 0.001% @ 1kHz / 0dB output
Input impedance 4.4k Ohms, balanced / 2.2k Ohms, unbalanced
Output impedance Varies with level adjustment
Common mode rejection ratio -51dB @ 55Hz
Noise Stereo: -108dBu; Sub: -95dBu; Headphone: -87dBu
Maximum input +14dBu
Power 15VDC/400mA adapter (included)

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


Radial J+4
R800 8015 00

Balanced -10dB to +4dB Signal Driver

The J+4 allows you to boost nearly any stereo signal up to a +4dB balanced line level output, which can be sent over long distances without signal loss and connected directly to pro audio equipment such as mixers or recording interfaces. Multiple input connectors are available for integration with a variety of devices, including a stacked set of ¼" jacks for DJ mixers or keyboards, RCAs for CD players and a mini 3.5mm jack for smartphones and tablets. The J+4 delivers exceptional sonic performance, and is able to provide clean gain and eliminate noise by combining the advantages of active signal buffering with transformer isolation.


Audio circuit type Active -10dB to +4dB line converter, transformer isolated
Number of channels 2 channels
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (±2dB)
Dynamic range 102dB
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.004% @ 1kHz / +10dBu output
Phase deviation 4° @ 20Hz; 0.,5° @ 100Hz
Input impedance 10k Ohms, unbalanced
Output impedance 1.6k Ohms, balanced
Maximum input +17dBu @ 1kHz
Maximum output +15dBu @ 1kHz
Power 15VDC/400mA adapter (included)

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)



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