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Line Level

Line switchers select between the outputs of line level output devices, such as mic preamps, recording interfaces, or mixing consoles.

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R800 8102 00

Stereo Backing Track Switcher

For any performance that incorporates backing tracks or other pre-recorded elements, reliability is crucial to ensuring a smooth performance. Unfortunately, smartphone batteries die, laptops freeze up, and Murphy's Law will always apply. The Backtrack creates a redundant system to ensure that you can instantly switch over to a backup device should any problems arise with your primary playback source. This can be accomplished easily with the push of a button on the Backtrack or via a remote JR-2 footswitch, giving you peace of mind and freeing you up to focus on your performance without worry.


Audio circuit type Passive Audio Circuit with Active Headphone Amplifier
Number of channels Two channels
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.5dB)
Dynamic range > +130dBu
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.007% @ 0dBu, 1kHz
Intermodulation dirstortion 0.02% @ 0dBu, 1kHz
Common mode rejection ratio 34dBu @ 60Hz; 42dBu @ 3kHz
Noise -105dBu
Maximum input > +25dBu
Power 15VDC 100mA

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HotShot ABo
R800 1509 00

Footswitch Selector for Balanced Outputs

The Hotshot ABo takes a balanced XLR input and provides the ability to switch the signal between two destinations using a passive footswitch on stage. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including driving two channels on a mixing console for dry and wet effects routing, diverting a dynamic mic from the PA system to the monitors or an intercom system, or for temporarily muting the signal when coughing. The ABo uses a latching footswitch, so it will stay on the last output selected until you hit the footswitch again.


Audio circuit type Passive, true-bypass
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic range Unlimited
Power Passive, no power required

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


Radial SW4

Four Channel Audio Switcher

The SW4 allows you to connect two mixing consoles to the same set of outputs, perfect for festivals or venues that switch from one console to another between acts. Each of the four channels features XLR inputs and transformer-isolated outputs to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, and they can be linked together to switch simultaneously. Channel-1 has a A+B mix function that sums both inputs together - allowing a wireless mic for the MC to be always active, while PFL switches and headphone outputs allow a technician to monitor any channel to ensure seamless playback. Since individual channels can be switched on their own, the SW4 can also be used to switch multiple wireless systems, playback devices, or any balanced audio sources.


Audio circuit type Passive Transformer Coupled with Relay Switching
Transformer Eclipse ET-LD2 line output
Number of channels 4 x A/B select
Frequency response 10Hz - 40kHz
Dynamic range 136dB
Gain -0.26dB with 10k Ohm load; -2.3dB with 600 Ohm load; + 8dB with 10k Ohm load
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.002%
Intermodulation dirstortion 0.01%
Phase deviation <3° at all frequencies
Input impedance Load impedance in parallel with 10K
Output impedance 160 Ohms (Channel); 500 Ohms (Bus)
Maximum input +26dBu (Channel to Channel); +17dBu (Channel to Bus)
Power External 100V - 240V AC with 48V Phantom

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


Radial SW8
R800 8100 00


Designed primarily for live concerts and stage shows where backing tracks are used for orchestration, vocals and sound effects, SW8 employs an adjustable gate to detect a machine malfunction and automatically switch to a second backup machine to deliver a seamless performance. The SW8 will monitor any continuous audio signal such as SMPTE on the main playback system, and should the signal drop it will automatically switch to the backup. Switching can also be performed manually on the front panel, or by using a footswitch such as the Radial JR2. For larger systems beyond 8 channels, multiple SW8s may be linked together.


Audio circuit type Passive signal path with active relay switching
Transformer Eclipse ET-DB2
Number of channels 8 channels
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic range >120dB
Gain -20dB
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.002%
Intermodulation dirstortion >0.002%
Phase deviation -2° @ 20Hz
Input impedance 140k Ohms, balanced
Output impedance 150 Ohms, balanced
Common mode rejection ratio -112dB @ 50/60Hz
Equivalent input noise -95dBu
Noise -115dBu
Maximum input +26dBu
Power Two +15VDC/400mA power supplies included

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


Radial Cherry Picker
R800 1442 00

4-Channel Preamp Selector

The Cherry Picker gives you the ability to connect to multiple devices in the studio and instantly A/B between them without any time-consuming cable swapping or re-patching. Now you can test your vocal mic through four different preamps without even stopping playback. It also works with line level signals, so you can connect the output of a single mic preamp into four compressors or effects units. The Cherry Picker helps you make quick decisions with the confidence that comes from an immediate A/B comparison. When paired with the Radial Gold Digger™ you can choose between four sources and destinations and select any combination instantly, giving you the freedom to explore endless sonic possibilities.


Audio circuit type Passive signal path with active relay switching
Frequency response 10Hz - 40kHz
Dynamic range >115dBu
Gain 0.0dB - unity gain device
Total harmonic dirstortion 0.0003%
Intermodulation dirstortion 0.001%
Phase deviation < 0.001° @ all frequencies
Input impedance 10k Ohms
Common mode rejection ratio -97dB @ 55Hz
Equivalent input noise -115dB
Maximum input +26dBu
Maximum output +26dBu
Power 15V DC/400mA power supply (included)

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)


Radial SW8-USB
R800 8101 00

Auto-Switcher and USB interface

The SW8-USB is the complete solution for performances that utilize redundant playback systems for backing tracks, combining two built-in high performance USB interfaces with an auto-switching feature that detects dropouts and effortlessly switches to the backup computer in an instant. Dual USB inputs with separate 24bit/192kHz converters allow two computers to be connected in tandem, so digital workstations on both machines can connect to the SW8-USB as an audio and MIDI interface. Start/stop synchronization is also possible between both computers through MTC, ensuring flawless switching between playback rigs with less equipment than ever.


Transformer Eclipse ET-DB2
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (+0.0dB / -0.5dB)
Dynamic range 120dB
Total harmonic dirstortion:  
- XLR line level outputs 0.0002% @ 1kHz +18dBu
- XLR mic level outputs 0.009% @ 1kHz +18dBu
- Monitor outputs 0.006% @ 1kHz +18dBu
Intermodulation dirstortion:  
- XLR outputs 0.0002% @ +18dBu
- Monitor outputs 0.0002% @ +18dBu
Output impedance:  
- XLR outputs 150 Ohms
- Monitor outputs 150 Ohms
Common mode rejection ratio:  
- XLR line level outputs -98dB
- XLR mic level outputs -90dB
- Monitor outputs -98dB
Noise -120dB
Maximum output:  
- XLR outputs +18dBu @ 0dBFS
- Monitor outputs +18dBu @ 0dBFS
Power 100V to 240V, locking 4-pin XLR

(For full specifications see manufacturers product site under "links" tab)



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