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DWX Series Accessories

Sony provides a comprehensive range of accessories such as antennas, capsule units, software, and remote controls for the digital wireless DWX Series.

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UHF Antenna
AN-01// K
  • The AN-01 is a uni-directional UHF Antenna, designed to be used with Sony analog or digital wireless microphone systems.
  • Two AN-01 should be used for diversity reception.
  • A single AN-01 can receive a wide frequency range from 470 to 862MHz.
  • Either DC 9V or 12V can be used for powering.
  • Selectable booster gain (18 dB/10 dB/0 dB).
  • The antenna is a log-periodic dipole array.
  • It is supplied with a hand grip that supports screw mounting onto a microphone stand.

Technical Specifications

Remote Control Unit
  • The RMU-01 is a Remote Control Unit for Digital Wireless Microphone System
  • The RMU-01 controls up to 82 digital wireless transmitters in one system via a separate RF carrier in the 2.4-GHz spectrum, with the supplied software of the DWR-R01D.
  • The RMU-01 covers a 32-feet (10-meter) radius. Multiple units can be configured to expand the 2.4-GHz spectrum coverage area (up to 9 x RMU-01 in one system, and the maximum number of transmitters which can be controlled in one system is 82 units regardless of the number of RMU).
  • This unit can be connected using Ethernet cabling (RJ-45) with an optional third-party PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) switcher to create a remote-control network for use with one or more DWR-R01D receivers.
  • Accepts PoE (Power over Ethernet) making long-distance LAN connections easy. The power to this unit can also be provided from the supplied AC adaptor. (AC-UES1230M T*)
  • Mounting options include mounting the RMU-01 onto a microphone stand using supplied screw adaptors or using a supplied bracket mount for ceiling or wall mounting.
Sony Uhf Ant. Divider 770-870 Mhz For All Wl
  • Provides diverse output for up to four receivers/tuner base units
  • Power supplied to the Sony UHF Antenna
  • Cascade output can be used for an additional antenna divider or receiver/tuner base unit
  • Two pairs of antenna input connectors to expand the operating area of a wireless microphone system

Technical Specifications

Sony Digital Wireless receiver's mounting adaptor (for DWR-S01)

Sony is proud to introduce a digital wireless microphone system that offers high-quality full-digital operation and enhanced system performance - a perfect match for high-quality ENG/EFP applications.

Incorporating the newly developed digital modulator, the digital wireless microphone system allows highly stable wireless transmission that is extremely tolerant to unwanted interference.

The digital wireless microphone system allows for large-scale multi-channel operations. Thanks to the newly developed digital modulator, the system realizes an intermodulation-free, equally spaced channel allocation. The digital wireless transmission technology used in this system enables a significant increase in the number of simultaneous operations in comparison with current analog wireless systems. For example, up to16 channels of simultaneous operation is possible in an 8-MHz operating band.


Technical Specifications

Digital wireless receiver adaptor

The DWA-F01D is an expandable adaptor for digital wireless receivers, designed to fit in mixer bags for ENG/EFP applications requiring top panel operation and the option of stand-alone battery power. The unit is also able to offer DWX digital audio for camcorders that do not feature an integral slot-in feature.

Technical Specifications

Sony cardiod condenser capsule for DWM-02

Designed for vocal applications including live music performance, the CU-C31 is a condenser cardioid mic capsule designed for use with the DWM-02 and DWZ series handheld transmitters

Technical Specifications

Super cardioid dynamic mic capsule for DWM-02

Designed for vocal applications including live music performance, the CU-F31 is a dynamic super-cardioid mic capsule designed for use with the DWM-02 and DWZ series handheld transmitters

Technical Specifications

Wide cardioid dynamic mic capsule for DWM-02

Designed for presentation applications, the CU-F32 is a dynamic wide-cardiod mic capsule designed for use with the DWM-02 handheld transmitter and DWZ series handheld transmitters

Technical Specifications

Dual battery charger for DWT-B03R wireless transmitter
  • This dual charger is designed for use with the DWT-B03R DWX Series wireless transmitter and NP-BX1 battery pack.
  • Two-way powering allows operation with either AC adaptor* or PoE (Power Over Ethernet).
  • Battery charging status can be monitored and controlled remotely using Wireless Studio PC software.
  • Storage charging mode is available for long-term battery storage.
  • Multiple units can be connected with tie wraps.
  • *Please note: AC adaptor is not included.
Capsule head adaptor to mount third party capsules on the DWM-02

Adapter for DWM-02/DWM-02N handheld transmitter use with third party microphone capsules.


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